Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taylor Swift

syd made the sign to cute

the two of us

me, syd, jeananne and kynzi

kyzni and jeananne

in our seats, waiting for taylor to come out on stage

sydney m., kynzi, sydnie

the girl bobbi asked to pose as taylor swift
and the girls totally acted the part too.

after the purchases!!!!

the cool moms inherited the cowboy hats

"should have said no"

the rain spelled out words, like her cma performance

have a good night portland!!

so as a last minute thing i looked online to see if i could get tickets for syd and i to go see taylor swift and they had just released a bunch of tickets for sale. so i crawled on my hands and knees to beg thad to spend the money on a concert for a 9 year old!!! he said he was fine with that and then i called my friend jeananne and asked if her and kynzi wanted to go!!! she told me repeatedly that night that she was cursing my name all day, because she is not a concert person...but i think she ended up having fun anyway. i told syd after i had bought the tickets and she was totally excited. she immediately said that she had to make a sign to take with her and ran up to her room to make it. then it became what outfit to wear and painting her toenails and flat ironing her hair and she was ready to go. we picked up the other girls and syd was like "ummmm, hey do you have a cowboy hat for me?" so after a stop at target, we now own a cowboy hat. ha ha. then we headed up for dinner and then to the concert. we arrived just in time for kellie pickler to take the stage and enjoyed her part of the show. then i caved and went and bought the girls the light up glow sticks so they could swing them in time to the music!! and then of course it was time to buy the t-shirts. totally something i am willing to do for her first concert...maybe not the next couple. so she walked out with a shirt and a new hat, which has to be shared with her mom. the concert was awesome!!! she is definitely a performer. she did a bunch of skits that went along with her songs and she even made fun of the fact that she writes so many songs about boys that have treated her bad. syd and i had fun trying to figure out when she was talking about joe jonas. syd was so into it. our seats were not the best, but we had a great time together. she screamed and clapped and dance until she was so tired that she just had to sit and take it all in. it was an amazing experience to do something like this for the first time. her first concert. she has been dying to go do something with me in portland, where she could get dressed up and spend an evening with me. it was the best ever.


Teresa said...

That will be a wonderful memory for you guys!!! How fun!!!! :) Looks like a great concert too!