Sunday, May 10, 2009

downtown disney

sunday morning we decided that we would not do another park, because we were beat up from saturdays heat. so we decided to head into downtown disney, which we could walk to from our hotel and just spend a relaxing morning. i have to say that downtown disney was amazing! it was so much bigger than california's and it was on a wharf, with water surrounding the stores and you could take a water taxi from one side to the other. it was super neat. we strolled through the streets and they were empty. we visited the disney store and off course walked through the lego store!! the creations that were built there were absolutely stunning. so much work went into them. that was kind of the hightlite for both of us. we also decided that since we were alone we would go see the new star trek movie!!!! it was sooooooo good. i absolutely loved it. it was a perfect mother's day kids, a movie and eating out!!!! we stopped and bought the kids some souvenirs on the way out, disneyworld t-shirts!!! then we began our long journey home and back to normal life.