Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't judge me

these are the yummiest little creations ever!!! seriously!!!!

as we shopped the aisle's at Fred Meyer on our girls weekend we spied these little delicious creations. when i saw them i said "i like ritz crackers" barbie said "i like chocolate!"

so into the cart they went!
we opened them
we loved them
we hid them from the kids!

Girl's Weekend

my friends from school! a girls weekend away! with kids?????

it was a chance for us to get away. to shop at the outlets. to relax. to talk girl talk. to refresh.

and the kids really took care of themselves! we did not cook. we had coffee. we stayed up late. we laughed. we all ended up sleeping with our own child! ha ha. mine ended up staying up until 1am!!! finally got him to sleep by turning on my ipod and sticking the earbuds in his ears! it was very stormy and it sounded like the building was going to come down around us!

but it was a great night to just get away!


I love my daughter..............i really do! she is such a unique and creative individual. she is precious and adorable.

but as you know i have shared my "battles" with her. everything from not wearing jeans to cutting tags out of shirts so she can wear them. and of course all of this goes along with the dreaded seam in the sock not being lined up when you put your shoes on! she is slow and methodical and very, very sensitive. she does not like bright light, loud noises, chaos, she does everything in her own time.

now with all of this being said..........we have worked and worked with her to help her overcome most of these issues that she has. she has come such a long way....she wears jeans now!!!!! she does not fight me every morning over what to wear. she can manage her time fairly wisely and she is becoming a little more aware of others in regards to how her slowness affects them.

at the beginning of this year i sat down with our school counselor, again! i adore her and relish her wisdom and advice. we spoke about my daughter's stress level and how it was affecting her sleep patterns, etc. we finally got around to talking about the fact that syd is a TAG kid and have i ever looked into how that molds and shapes her? i had not. so i left her office with lots of info in regards to how TAG kids operate and think!

as i read the literature i could literally see this child i have, come to life. it was completely eye opening for me! i have come to view syd in a completely different way. she will always be this way and it is her normal! she is so verbal and can carry a conversation with an adult, but when it comes to her peers it is hard for her to make new friends. so many aspects of her personality were explained to me.

now it is still our job as parents to help her to identify what aspects can be controlled and managed to help her succeed in the long run. and this is where it is physically draining for us as parents. she requires so much attention and her needs are greater than her siblings. but that is our job and we love her with all of our lives.

so our journey continues............

where to even start

so obviously i failed again with my blog..........someday i will manage to keep up with it on a daily basis! too many other things have gotten in the work, kids, husband, laundry, cooking, cleaning and of course the dreaded facebook! seriously what a huge time sucker that is! i had no idea when i joined it a year ago that it would consume my life!

so i sit before you again vowing to blog more! i will attempt to catch up on the month of november...not too much occured, but i will try and find something to blog about. the problem is, i am friends with all of you on facebook anyway, so you have already seen my pictures of GWL and tree hunting!

but there are stories to go with those pix................priceless moments to cherish and remember. so here i go again!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


so sad today.........we have had to postpone our trip to great wolf lodge! we were suppose to head out for some family fun. this time we had reserved a big suite because we were going with my brother and his family. but alas.......the piggie flu hit their family just in time to delay our trip. but we rebooked it for thanksgiving we still get to go enjoy our time! and maybe they will have it decorated in their winter wonderland!!!