Friday, February 26, 2010

happy friday morning

(i love you)

this beautiful message was written by my youngest several years ago....but on a wet, rainy, blustery friday morning, it makes my heart happy.

She is moving back home

after several years of her newly acquired home state of friend is moving back to oregon. as i write this, she is packing her belongings and her cute new pooch Jack Bauer and getting ready to take a road trip back to us. her friends, her family, her home church. we have missed you debbie..........glad that you are coming home!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so you may or may not know that i turned 40 in january........i know, save the over the hill comments. i remember when my dad turned forty, i thought it was so old! now here i am.

so some interesting things about turning the big 4-0...........the week of my birthday i had night sweats. really truly. i had to wash my sheets a couple of times that week from all the sweat. remember what it is like those first few weeks after you have had a baby and all the meds are coming out of your body and you have nights sweats. anybody, anybody???? well that is what it was like! at first i did not think anything about it, but then i started having mini hot flashes at work. i would get all red and hot and my hands would swell up! YUCK!!!!

But the ultimate grossness..........the other day i was getting ready for work, putting on my eye shadow when this thing....this huge ugly white hair was protruding from my right eyebrow!!!! what the heck???? I am way too young for that! i immediately plucked that huge ugly white hair from my eyebrow and started searching for others.......thank goodness there was only one!

40 is to young for bushy eyebrows......that is reserved for grumpy old men who have nose hair and ear hair and bushy eyebrows! and if you remember this post from last year ( on getting old) i was worried that i was going to lose my eyebrows. what a difference a year and less estrogen will do.

February In Review

February is always kind of a hectic month for us, with basketball season in full swing and the winter doldrums and cold weather cabin fever at a high! We celebrate my dad's birthday at the beginning of the month and we had my niece over to stay the night. It has been a great month of enjoying our family and watching the olympics this year! we have cheered and stayed up late and watched america win gold, silver and bronze! both of the kids are totally into it this year, which is fun. they are anxious for the summer olympics to arrive!

oh.......and here a couple of pix to have fun with too!

the girls found dress up clothes. the dress sydnie is wearing was my old freshman winter formal dress. yep, my mom cannot bear to get rid of them.

noah did not want to wear a prom dress, so he opted for the work wear.
my old mcdonald's hat. yep, i worked there for a summer
and my old fred meyer smock. yep, i used the word smock!

aren't they too cute!

oh wait..........i was wrong........
introducing...............noah, the fairy godmother!

noah had to give a speech for class........what would you do if you were president!
we created a campaign poster and he delivered his speech with a thumbs up
at the end! i am fairly certain he laughed through the whole thing!

sydnie's upward team had their year end party!
we painted big J's on the girls faces to celebrate the end of a great year!

celebratory cupcakes.....provided by sydnie!