Monday, June 25, 2007


sunriver mosaic
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This weekend we headed over to bend for a little relaxing. We were invited over by some friends from church and we had a blast. We rode bikes, went kayaking, golfed, swam and went for walks. The kids had such a good time. Lots of good food, good conversation and lots of sunshine. We were very blessed to be able to stay with our friends. It was a great weekend and our kids loved it. Of course they wanted to go spend money at the shops in sunriver. Because they bought souvenirs in disneyland they think they have to buy something everytime we go somewhere...I got away with a simple water bottle...cost $7.00 for two. not too bad. That does not include the money that I spent on a little chocolate for me while the men and kids were kayaking!!! I had to treat myself somehow...not enough boats for the women, so chocolate had to do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a little time out

This is what happens when you take one tired little boy, let him swim with his cousins all afternoon, and then he hits his sister...........................a little time to think about being mean. Such torture when sister and cousins are all in the water having fun. I love his droopy head...he looks so sad and lonely. I guess he learned because he went back in the water and had a great attitude the rest of the day.

Just a Swimmin'

So we started swim lessons this week. Three days down and they have already made such progress. Sydnie is learning the fine art of breathing, arm strokes and coordination. Noah is basically being naughty and any chance he has he is doing bobs and swimming for the deep end (no hand on the wall for this kid).
So this morning we had the little chat about not being able to be in the water today if he does not stay near the side and have his hand on the wall when teacher lisa let me say that I totally think they should be able to play around while the teacher is not with them, as long as they are not swimming for the deep end and getting in the way of the other kids.
Both of my kids are such water dogs...they love to be in the water, near the water or just hearing water gets them excited. I cannot wait until next friday to see the improvements....they can already swim, but I know that they will learn so much the next two weeks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer's Here

We decided to have a School's Over, Summer's Here party this was the perfect day. We had 6 friends come over and we did a couple of crafts, jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler on and ate snow cones. It was a blast. these are the best pictures of the bunch...darn harsh afternoon sunlight. SO MUCH FUN. Sydnie was so into making her box "perfect" that she almost forgot to just play......but she had a great time. That girls thrives on planning stuff, she will have to be an event planner when she gets older.

snow cones after jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on.

a little summer memories box for each girl to paint, decorate and take home to store all the stuff they collect this summer.

nothing like good friends and summertime.

Good old fashion goodness.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Goodbye Ruth

to a woman that showed how to be wive's to our husbands, lived her life according to God's word and throughout her life showed grace and peace. This picture is from her memorial service yesterday.........where her husband, Billy Graham, called her a beautiful woman and assured us that she had a "great reception in heaven". Her life and example of faith will be remembered.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Orange and Black Fever

We have the fever here........actually my husband does...but the college world series is tomorrow night and the OSU Beavers are going for a repeat. Last year was such an amazing story, coming from the bottom of the barrel to win 6 do or dies and then going on to win the National Championship. They play saturday at 4pm.........we will be watching. Thad found this great video [] cannot figure out how to paste in a video, so just click on the link........really inspiring. GO BEAVS!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

S2S 2007

Guess where I went last night?

These two are about the hottest thing...their show is like watching a day in their lives.
Plus he is not bad either...let's be honest we wish there was no faith and tim was all ours. One can only dream right?

So a group of us got to ride in a limo to the concert.......we stopped at Bridgeport to eat at Macaroni Grill. We finally hit the concert at 7:45, we were late, but we made it just in time for the real show. I went to the soul 2 soul tour 7 years ago with some friends....and that show was A-mazing! We had seats in the 6th could see tim's chest hair...ha ha. This one was just as good...Seriously could they be any more sexy on stage together....Seriously good time last night...

Everything is OK

so i have neglected my blog........and after the last entry should let you know that all is well. I spent all day in the er on monday, only to be sent home to let the process continue. They checked all my blood work and gave me an ultrasound and said that I was healthy, other than the miscarriage and that I would not be in danger of an I have spent the last two days involved in school. I wanted to let Julanne know how grateful I am for her friendship and support....the girl spent all day in the er with me and even ate hospital food. Thanks so much. So now I am just waiting hormones are still not settled down yet.....that will take some time. But other than that life is okay.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Off to the ER

here we go again. I am off to the ER to confirm I don't have a tubal....even though they swore I didn't. I am ready to yank the whole blasted thing out of my body. At the very least I will probably have a the most surgery again. HOLY CRAP...I literally am bawling my head off. I cannot go through this again. WHY???

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Last Sin Eater

I just watched this movie (, based on a beloved book by Francine Rivers. It was so good. I did not know what to expect, especially when you have such a brilliant writer's novel being adapted into a screenplay. But Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird did a fantastic job with this one. These men are one of the driving forces behind Fox's Films new Faith Films....they are adapting some amazing Christian fiction into wonderful movies. I watched the making of and was struck by a qoute from Brian Bird that I wanted to share.

"There is a string running right through the heart of all of us. Violin Strings and when you pluck them they reveberate in our lives. One of the big strings is forgiveness."

I loved how he put into words the "thing" you know, when you watch a movie or read a book and it sits with you. You think about it, wonder why it has affected you in such a way. That is the mark of a true pull at those strings.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


complete and utter gluttony....that was the scene as the first graders sat down to pig out on ice cream, toppings, candy, whip cream and sprinkles. Each of the kids had a chance to earn "money" during the last several weeks in order to "buy" their favorite combination. Some kids had their bowls piled high with all sorts of sweet stuff, others just the bare minimum. It was so much fun to watch them get all excited and eat the good stuff. It was a great lesson in saving and spending and math. They even had to fill out an order form of what they were buying. so cute. Sydnie was super excited because she still had a $1.73 left over to spend on the auction at school. Holy cow......the end of school is fun.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Heaven just got a little fuller

goodbye my two little ones. even though mommy never got to hold you in my arms, you will be held in the arms of Jesus for eternity. and you won't be lonely up there, because you have three other siblings to keep you company. I am thankful for the time that I got to carry you, even though you won't be with us here, I will always remember you. I prayed for you, knowing that if God wanted us to have more children that you would come and you did, suprising us, but yet again you were not to be. I pray that God holds you close....with all the other little ones up in heaven who were not meant to be. Mommy will always love you and cherish the thought of you.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Windy skies makes.....

for great kite flying. Last night we came home from Sydnie's choir practice and the neighbor kids were out flying there our kids ran and got their's. It was a great night to be outside having fun. Noah was thrilled that he finally got his "mater/mcqueen" kite up in the air. Have I said yet how much I love summer! We had a jam packed weekend. Planting, barkdust, t-ball, swimming at grammies pool, church, more yardwork, choir and just lots of fun.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I need a cure.....

my children are probably the most verbal, loud talkative children in the world. I crave silence. My head actually hurts by the end of the evening. We are working through this phase with Sydnie were everytime we say something she corrects us. She cannot handle just being silent and listening to what mom and dad say. she always has to interject something. It drives me bad crazy. I did not raise her this is just inborn. the worst part is...she is teaching her little brother to be the same way. Plus noah is testing his boundaries anyway. I constantly hear NOOOOO to everything I tell him. He has a friend over this morning and he is being a little butt. I just told him no friends for two weeks since his attitude is stinky. Sometimes being a mom is the hardest job of all. I just want to crawl in a little hole and not deal with all of this parenting stuff...but obviously cannot do that. I honestly do not know how we will get thru the summer at the rate we are going. The kids are fighting with each other and sydnie's response to noah copying is now to scream at the top of her lungs. I know this is all a phase and we will get thru it. They do play together well most of the time, but if they are left alone for too long they start in on each other. I just needed to vent some parenting frustrations. Feel better now. On with the weekend....lots of yardwork to get done.