Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just a Swimmin'

So we started swim lessons this week. Three days down and they have already made such progress. Sydnie is learning the fine art of breathing, arm strokes and coordination. Noah is basically being naughty and any chance he has he is doing bobs and swimming for the deep end (no hand on the wall for this kid).
So this morning we had the little chat about not being able to be in the water today if he does not stay near the side and have his hand on the wall when teacher lisa let me say that I totally think they should be able to play around while the teacher is not with them, as long as they are not swimming for the deep end and getting in the way of the other kids.
Both of my kids are such water dogs...they love to be in the water, near the water or just hearing water gets them excited. I cannot wait until next friday to see the improvements....they can already swim, but I know that they will learn so much the next two weeks.