Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Last Sin Eater

I just watched this movie (, based on a beloved book by Francine Rivers. It was so good. I did not know what to expect, especially when you have such a brilliant writer's novel being adapted into a screenplay. But Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird did a fantastic job with this one. These men are one of the driving forces behind Fox's Films new Faith Films....they are adapting some amazing Christian fiction into wonderful movies. I watched the making of and was struck by a qoute from Brian Bird that I wanted to share.

"There is a string running right through the heart of all of us. Violin Strings and when you pluck them they reveberate in our lives. One of the big strings is forgiveness."

I loved how he put into words the "thing" you know, when you watch a movie or read a book and it sits with you. You think about it, wonder why it has affected you in such a way. That is the mark of a true pull at those strings.