Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reporting Back

so I am here today to tell you that dinner was not that great of a success. The kids walked in the door from school and could smell the broccoli and saw it pureed and could not understand why I would do that. So as I was dipping the chx in the green egg mixture, they saw and pretty much had their minds set against it. So I served them their mac and cheese and chx nuggets and they did not really love it. Interesting. Thad thought they were okay and so did I. I really liked the "buttered noodles". So all in all I think that we will be able to incorporate a bunch of stuff from the book into our everyday life style. I did not try the sweet potato pancakes this morning, becuase I did not want them to turn orange from all the squash yesterday. Tomorrow morning will be the day.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Let the deception begin....

So my mom saw Oprah a couple of weeks ago and Jessica Seinfeld was on telling everyone about her "idea" to puree food and hide it into kids food. She loved the idea so much that she ran out and bought the book for me. I have not been too excited about it, because my kids love their veggies. Once upon a time they cried when given certain veggies, but for the most part they are really good eaters. I have looked at the book, but not given it a lot of thought until last night.

We had this great dinner of porkchops, squash, steamed broccoli and bread. The kids freaked out about the squash.....this is not new. They used to love squash, but lately you would think it had arcenic in it!! So I finally picked up the book and read...decided to make some whole wheat french toast this morning, with the deceptive ingredient of squash mixed in. They wolfed it down...not even a mention that it was whole wheat bread!! I laughed inside as I schemed a dinner with healthy ingredients without the knowledge. So this evening I will be trying her famous Broccoli chicken nuggets and butternut squash pasta, served with some fresh veggies as well.

I am not entirely sold on it yet....we will have to see if the recipes continue to be hits. I am super excited to try the banana bread for snacks. It took me about 30 minutes to find flaxseed meal in the grocery store today. I am excited to put that on everything they eat!!! lots of good stuff in there. So not to go all granola on ya...but maybe just maybe this will be the start of some good stuff in our house. If you are interested in checking it out here is the website......http://www.deceptivelydelicious.com/site/

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful for

Thankful for Guitar Hero - where is the johnny cash?

thankful for a sense of timing and long steady notes

Thankful for training mode - lil' guitar hero

Thankful for laughter and a fun grandpa

Thankful for cheesey little girl smiles

Thankful for this....him and I together

Thankful for them...and a beautiful week at the beach

Thankful for her....crimped hair and a sunkist smile
This week has been so great. Our family was able to go away togethr for 4 days to Depoe Bay. Lots of swimming, hot tubing, movies, crafts and sunshine. We watched Home Alone....forgot how snotty the kid is at the beginning and of course there was a few swear words...which we forgot about so we had to have the talk with the kids about not saying those. Overall good times. Then we headed to Randal and Jenn's house to have a little sleepover the night before thxgiving. We played guitar hero. the girls watched private practice, while the guys watched a guy flick. The kids has so much fun waking up in the morning...noah kept opening ryen's bedroom door to check and see if she was awake. Those two are peas in a pod. Ryen had to be doing exactly what noah was doing at all times. They both drug out blankets and rolled around on the floor with them. when we sat down to watch a little tom and jerry....noah layed out his blanket, then layed down with ryen right beside him...her hand laying on his arm. so cute.
so let's talk about guitar hero....so thankful we do not have an up to date game system or I would be ignoring everything to master the hero!!!! loved it so much. by the end of the day and about 15-20 songs I was finally ready to move onto medium mode....I know, I know I should not have started on easy....but hello, have you played this thing!!!??? We were late to thxgiving dinner with the family because randal and i were battling each other. So he decided to pack it up and take it over to mom and dads. we finally talked dad into playing it.....he did pretty good. but he really wanted some johnny cash to play (easy guitar picking is his style). My mom just kept complaining that it was too loud and she was getting a headache from "that type of music".
Oh how the holidays bring the family together!!!! well that and a little video gaming!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess!

Ryen turned 2 and had a great little party last night. She was hysterical...once she saw her elmo cake, she sat down at the table and was begging people to give her a fork....fork, fork, fork. Finally they sang happy birthday and she dug into her cake. Then it was present time. She was so preoccupied with her two boy cousins playing with her toys she did not want to open her presents, until she found the princess shoes! gotta love it. Of course her mom, jenn, blames me for her love of princesses, because I gave her a backpack about a year ago with all the princesses on it. I guess the rest is history...and to make it worse we gave her dress up clothes last night and a crown and a wand. SUPER COOL!!! So much for not having a girly, frilly little girl. I think it is instinctive in all girls to want to dress up and be a princess with high heeled shoes and a crown. I see many hours of dress up for ryen in the future. Now she just needs that cute little disney princess throne for christmas and she is all set!!! wahahaha....that is my evil laugh. my plans to turn ryen into a girly princess are working!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Stormtrooper and the Kitty....

love this look...."give me candy"

the dynamic trio

how can you not laugh at this one

even better...my kids are goofballs

and the OSU Cheerleader. So this post is a little late, but our usb port was down for a couple of days. Had a ton of fun on Halloween. The kids came home from school, immediately got dressed up and of course played on webkinz until it was time to party with the neighbors. They had a great time playing halloween twister and eating eyeball pizza. We finally headed out once my parents arrived and they decided to bring a little ghoul along....cousin Ryen. She is almost two and was a little overwhelmed by all the people and scary porches...but she loved hanging out with the kids and uncle thad. We decided to carry on the tradition of the candy fairy again this year...the kids came home unloaded their buckets and chose 15 pieces of candy to keep, the rest went in the bucket and left on the living room floor for the candy fairy to come take. They woke up the next morning and ran downstairs to find a little toy and some webkinz trading cards!!! I think sydnie finally figured out that it was me, but she is choosing to pretend that there really is a candy fairy!!!