Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess!

Ryen turned 2 and had a great little party last night. She was hysterical...once she saw her elmo cake, she sat down at the table and was begging people to give her a fork....fork, fork, fork. Finally they sang happy birthday and she dug into her cake. Then it was present time. She was so preoccupied with her two boy cousins playing with her toys she did not want to open her presents, until she found the princess shoes! gotta love it. Of course her mom, jenn, blames me for her love of princesses, because I gave her a backpack about a year ago with all the princesses on it. I guess the rest is history...and to make it worse we gave her dress up clothes last night and a crown and a wand. SUPER COOL!!! So much for not having a girly, frilly little girl. I think it is instinctive in all girls to want to dress up and be a princess with high heeled shoes and a crown. I see many hours of dress up for ryen in the future. Now she just needs that cute little disney princess throne for christmas and she is all set!!! wahahaha....that is my evil laugh. my plans to turn ryen into a girly princess are working!!!!