Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful for

Thankful for Guitar Hero - where is the johnny cash?

thankful for a sense of timing and long steady notes

Thankful for training mode - lil' guitar hero

Thankful for laughter and a fun grandpa

Thankful for cheesey little girl smiles

Thankful for this....him and I together

Thankful for them...and a beautiful week at the beach

Thankful for her....crimped hair and a sunkist smile
This week has been so great. Our family was able to go away togethr for 4 days to Depoe Bay. Lots of swimming, hot tubing, movies, crafts and sunshine. We watched Home Alone....forgot how snotty the kid is at the beginning and of course there was a few swear words...which we forgot about so we had to have the talk with the kids about not saying those. Overall good times. Then we headed to Randal and Jenn's house to have a little sleepover the night before thxgiving. We played guitar hero. the girls watched private practice, while the guys watched a guy flick. The kids has so much fun waking up in the morning...noah kept opening ryen's bedroom door to check and see if she was awake. Those two are peas in a pod. Ryen had to be doing exactly what noah was doing at all times. They both drug out blankets and rolled around on the floor with them. when we sat down to watch a little tom and jerry....noah layed out his blanket, then layed down with ryen right beside him...her hand laying on his arm. so cute.
so let's talk about guitar thankful we do not have an up to date game system or I would be ignoring everything to master the hero!!!! loved it so much. by the end of the day and about 15-20 songs I was finally ready to move onto medium mode....I know, I know I should not have started on easy....but hello, have you played this thing!!!??? We were late to thxgiving dinner with the family because randal and i were battling each other. So he decided to pack it up and take it over to mom and dads. we finally talked dad into playing it.....he did pretty good. but he really wanted some johnny cash to play (easy guitar picking is his style). My mom just kept complaining that it was too loud and she was getting a headache from "that type of music".
Oh how the holidays bring the family together!!!! well that and a little video gaming!!!