Monday, November 27, 2006

Tree Hunting

A day spent at Reinhart's Tree Farm with family. A tradition that we have done for 5 years much fun. We always find the most perfect tree and that is just walking up to the first tree, literally. We always have hot cider and cookies afterwards and watch the singing/talking christmas tree. Thad put the lights up on Saturday with some help from my brother and they look great as always. The tree is in its stand in a new location this year, the entryway, then it can be seen from the family room and the front room. Now we just need to find to decorate it. The kids are most anxious to get their ornaments on and will drive me crazy by days end if we don't put them on. How perfect that it has been snowing today...puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh No it's a blizzard......

Home from Eagle Crest. Good time with just Thad and I and the kids. We watched movies and went swimming alot. Sydnie swam the whole length of the pool all by herself, she was so excited. The day we left a massive snow storm hit the pass and we were suppose to drive home in it. We did not have chains so we had to make a detour to the local tire store. As we started driving up the mountain you could feel the chill and then it started has been a couple of years since the kids have had snow, so they were so excited. It was absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you cannot see God in his creation when you look at the hillsides and trees covered in snow. The snow falling was breathtaking. Sydnie kept saying that we were in the middle of a blizzard....We stopped to get out and let the kids play for a while in the snow. Sydnie went over the little snowbank and fell straight into the snow....laughing the whole time. Noah of course tried to eat the snow! It was the highlight to a very restful and memorable time. Just had to share.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stormy Weather

I love the Northwest...yes we get rain and today it is rainy and windy...and I love it. A perfect day to stay at home and turn the fireplace on, curl up with a good book. Of course that did not happen. I had to help out in my daughter's classroom today and then I spent all afternoon working on 50 bridal shower hands hurt. Then I have to go back out tonight into the blustery day to go to Awana. So instead of cooking my children a healthy meal I took them to McD's and now I am playing on the internet, trying to find thrifty, cool ideas for the shower. Maybe tonight I will finally get to sit and curl up to a good finale to Dancing with the Stars. Peace...out.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Is this place about science or what?"

that was what my daughter said when we finally hit OMSI thursday morning, she thought it was like disneyland. I cannot believe that I have not taken either one of them there before, but now that the Star Wars exhibit is around we had to go. Thad had the day off and the kids were out of school. Noah is such a fanatic that I knew he would love it, Sydnie would be excited about the rest of it. We spent two hours in the Star Wars area, loved seeing all the costumes and models. The kids loved the "landspeeder" that they could ride on and the millenium falcon ride. It was a super long day...we did not leave there until 4pm then we headed over to the old spaghetti factory for dinner. Good memories.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy First Birthday

this is for my niece Ryen...who celebrated her first birthday November 1st. Happy Birthday cutie pie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Day After

A knight and a Fairy Princess...who could ask for anything cuter. The kids had so much fun last night, but the best part was this morning, waking up to see what the Candy Fairy had left each of them. I started this a couple of years ago and they still ask me each year if the Candy Fairy is going to visit. They each pick out 15 pieces of candy that they love and the rest goes back in the bucket, set out in the living room and in the morning the Fairy has taken the candy, but left a present in it's place. My brother and his wife came over with cousin Ryen and she went out for a couple of houses, I think the candy was for my brother!!!! She looked adorable all dressed up like a little kitten.