Saturday, March 31, 2007

Born Free

The tree swing. A rite of passage. The chance to prove that you are a big kid now. For the last year Noah has wanted to ride on this, but has not been able to hang on long enough...I think he was a bit scared to do it. But this visit to my parents house he did it. Now being the boy that he is, it was also fun to get on swing for 2 seconds and fall off on the ground, pretending to be hurt. Gotta love that. He loved it so much that we spent most of the day outside swinging from the tree and falling off and swinging and falling...well you see where I am going. The best part of the day was when I got on it and rode...he laughed so hard he "fell" on the ground rolling around. Like I have never ridden it before...maybe he has just never seen me ride it. To see the rest of the photos click here {}

Do you want a Dyson?

Have you ever heard of a Dyson...if you have not then you need to get out of the house more or at least visit some mom blogs. This site {} is giving away a new Dyson Slim. SERIOUSLY! thanks bree {} for the always find the coolest stuff. Go today, you only have until April 4th.

Screaming Bloody Murder

okay you know that all of us moms have used that expression before.....either it is us doing the screaming or the kids! Yesterday I was down at my parents house and I don't remember what I was talking about, but my seven year old heard me use the expression and looked me dead on and says who is screaming blood (such a literal child). I explained that it was just an expression and it is used when you want to get the point across that someone was really upset or screaming really loud. She looks at me again...but where is the blood. At this point my parents and myself start cracking up and my mom starts in on the no avail. finally i give up and later on the car ride home...sydnie uses the expression in the right way....something must have gotten thru. Gotta love that...those little day things that might life so enjoyable.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


i love watching my son become a boy. he is maturing and growing and losing his little boy look so quickly. everytime i see that new smile, i cannot believe that he looks so big now. when i look at him a year ago or even 6 months ago...the change is visible. he loves school, he is excited about tball, cannot wait to start reading, he is leaving behind his little boy whining. he is all boy...never looks where he is going, spills every drink we give him, wipes his hands all over his clothes to clean them, plays swords and lightsabers all day long and loves the computer and video games. but he still loves the color orange. so much so that when we were at tillamook cheese factory he "had" to have the orange sherbert ice cream....just because it was orange. i love the left overs all over his face. I am so thankful that God gave this little boy to me, to teach, to love and to watch him transition from boy to man. i love you little man.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a few more from seaside

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Love This

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Party Time

Went to my friends house last night to play games.......THANK YOU J. It was so much fun. This is a part of me that I have been missing since moving here from Portland. The ability to just have so much fun. {we had some good times DDR, T, D, K and W} I love nights like that where you laugh so hard that your mouth hurts the rest of the night. Loved the game - Apples to Apples. Now it was a bunch of youth pastors in the room, so you know it is gonna get crazy...but that is my type of crazy. My brother is totally like that. So after the kids and I left we ran to target and bought a couple of new games to take with us to the beach this week. So bring on the side splitting laughter, well that might be hard to do with my husbands family this week...but we are sure gonna try.

Her Favorite Things - at 7

*High Heeled shoes
*Layering shirts
*Crocs with Jibbitz
*Jumping on the trampoline
*Reading the disney fairy books
*High School Musical
*Singing Faith Hill songs
*Going to Disneyland

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Make a Difference

go here and donate to Autism research by donating to Ali's badge at 6 Super cool idea from Kevin Bacon to generate and give back to the world. Make a difference today in a child' s life.

Your New {Toothless} Smile

so we were at our first t-ball practice today and noah was super excited and distracted because earlier in the day he had taken a bite of his pizza lunchable and his tooth was practically falling out. He sat and wiggled it for a couple of hours with no luck. So at t-ball he was on the field wiggling his tooth instead of catching grounders or practicing his throwing/catching skills. It was hilarious. So he was right in the middle of showing his coach and suddenly it just popped out. SO COOL. So we ran out to Joanne's tonight to buy some star wars fabric to make a tooth fairy pillow...I wonder how much sleep he will actually get tonight waiting for his money to arrive. I just love his new smile. He seems so young, only just 5. sydnie was a year older than him when her first fell out, but he did get teeth earlier than her. I guess my baby is just getting older.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Loooooong 24 hours

let me set the stage: 1 husband out of town, 2 sick children (fever, cough, cold) and one tired mom (who was super sad that she did not get to go to the scrapbook convention on friday). After I put the kids to bed friday night I sat down to watch "One Night with the King", which was an amazing movie. I finally rolled into bed about midnight after checking on the kids, which were doing fine. I had been asleep about 1/2 an hour when I hear the crying and wake up to see Sydnie standing at my bed shaking with a fever of about 103.5. So several hours later her coughing has slowed down and her fever is down to 101 and she drifts off to sleep. I know in my heart that something is wrong, because that day she had been fine. The kids were playing together and there had been no fever for her all day, so the fact that it came back with a vengance was not good. Saturday morning I groggily roll out of bed, call the peds clinic to get her in. Finally at 10:45 we see a doctor, she listens for quite awhile to syd's lungs and finally decides to send us off to Salem Hospital for some x-rays of her chest. Now Thad is out of town and the hospital is under construction, no where to park, so we grab my MIL and she drops us off and takes noah home to pick up thad who has come in from the airport to an empty house. 1 chest x-ray, 1 wheelchair and one long wait later, we were told she had pnuemonia and were sent upstairs to receive an injection of antibiotic and some monitoring. The minute sydnie's head hit the pillow she was out! The nurses freaked out when they took her temperature and it was 104.4. I had to explain to them that she is a hottie and that is not uncommon for her to spike that high. Finally they administered the shot and then we had to sit and wait for the call to stay or go. Poor little thing was just wiped out and her little lips were blue from lack of oxygen, seriously scary. But she perked up after the shot and we were sent home to recover. Last night I jumped up everytime I heard her cough, just to make sure she was okay and not relapsing. This morning is a remarked improvement....she is eating, she has no fever, she looks more like herself and she slept most of the night. But me...I could use a serious nap and some pampering.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Lunch

this is from last month, but we have so busy that I have not had a chance to post it yet. I knew that my dear friend Krista was in town with her husband on a spur of the moment

trip from their current home in Belgium. I also heard that she could meet for one day during the lunch hour and of course I had a chiropracter appt that I could not cancel. I was super bummed, but was just excited that they were home visiting family and friends. The morning of "the Lunch" I took noah and sydnie to school and stopped home for an hour...i checked my phone and there had been a call from my chiropracters office, they needed to cancel my appt that day!!!! I immediately called my friend Dawn Denice and told her I thought I could make it. She told me that i had no option but to come. So I called a friend to see if she would be willing to pick Noah up from school and have a play date so that I could drive to Portland. I was super excited and when I showed up at Chevy's for lunch...the best part was that Krista had no idea that I was coming. The look on her face was so worth it. It was so fun to reconnect and catch up. I was so moved by her story that she told close to the end of our meal. On the drive from Clackamas she had said a prayer that whoever was suppose to show up, that God would allow them to and that it would happen according to His plan. It was such an insight into how God works, because the Holy Spirit worked in her to pray and then God's actions were already set in motion. AMAZING.