Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Your New {Toothless} Smile

so we were at our first t-ball practice today and noah was super excited and distracted because earlier in the day he had taken a bite of his pizza lunchable and his tooth was practically falling out. He sat and wiggled it for a couple of hours with no luck. So at t-ball he was on the field wiggling his tooth instead of catching grounders or practicing his throwing/catching skills. It was hilarious. So he was right in the middle of showing his coach and suddenly it just popped out. SO COOL. So we ran out to Joanne's tonight to buy some star wars fabric to make a tooth fairy pillow...I wonder how much sleep he will actually get tonight waiting for his money to arrive. I just love his new smile. He seems so young, only just 5. sydnie was a year older than him when her first fell out, but he did get teeth earlier than her. I guess my baby is just getting older.