Friday, August 31, 2007


god's beautiful creation

happy magoo and cranky mcstanky

love this shot of my dad...this is his lake

who told him he could grow up

the mini syd....they are hysterical together

a little suprise visitor jumped on us to get in on the action

look at the cute little grans and the older versions
we had a blast at crescent lake this year. lots of good food. standing around our french presses and drinking coffee. lots of swimming. lots of rafting. lots of good memories. this year the kids got along so good. noah loved having ryen there and she loved him too, as long as he did not come near her stuff. (we heard a lot of no noah's). Syd loved playing with ryen and sharing her puppies with her. we had a great football game down at the beach, syd has a good arm on her. my dad almost broke my ankle with a shove from behind and he and i had a great time blocking each other. sydnie scored a touchdown for her team and did a little dance. we heard lots of great stories from dad about this lake.....will have to post those sometime. i love this lake and these people.

State Fair

Yes....we went to the state fair again this year....i cannot quite decide if i hate going or kind of like it. not really my thing, but the kids have fun so, it is fun to watch them. the kids rode a ton of rides, screamed, laughed and loved them. we are somewhere in between the big rides and kiddie rides. we saw a bunch of people that we knew and at the very end of the day as we were getting ready to leave we heard radio disney rehearsing for their concert that night. It was all high school musical........that is all we watch, hear, sing and dance to at our house right now. We headed to the disney booth and were lucky enough to get handed free reserved seating tickets!!! The only serious problem was a bridal shower we were suppose to attend that evening. but after talking to my husband and having him make the decision (his family event) that i should take the kids no matter what. things like this happen only so often. the concert was great. syd had a blast. she sang. danced. and got a bunch of free stuff. she even got out in the mosh area and started dancing. what time is it? party time!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

a glimpse...............

i only have a brief moment to post a few pix from our camping the last several weeks. we went back to back to crescent lake (our favorite spot in the whole world), with both extended families. these are just a few that i fell in love with.......he can be such a goof ball. more to post later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SOS in Pacific City

Can someone say soft sand?


The good old afro van just didn't have it in her today.....hardly made it off the pavement before.......we had to call in the calvary. But we were not the only ones getting wenched out today....lots of 4x4 trucks were put to shame today. This nice older man came by in his Jeep wrangler hooked us up and pulled us out..........but i can ramble more tomorrow, after the sunburn cools down and i drink a gallon of water.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What an adventure

What a couple of days we have had around here. Saturday night came home from helping my SIL put together her wedding invitations and started packing to head over to Pacific City with my parents for a couple of days...but had to delay because we all got the flu around here. Seriously nasty throw up kind. I was suppose to leave on sunday after church, but ended up taking off monday, so that we could all recover. The kids had a blast....we stayed in the rv park right across from the beach, in my parents trailer....that was an adventure with three adults, two kids and two dogs and a little rain to blend it all together. The kids swam in the pool, walked on the beach, ate pizza, fed the rabbits (that are all over the trailer park) and played on the sand dune. Good thing my parents were there to play with the kids, because I still did not feel to hot. When we left we headed down to Lincoln City for some Mo's Clam Chowder and a bit more beach play and some shopping. I am so thankful for my parents and how much they love my kids and want to be around them. hopefully they won't end of getting this flu....still don't feel to great today. Good times with family and something the kids will always remember....i am guessing we will be back to do it again.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hard workers

In an effort to teach my kids (by which i mean noah) responsibility i started having them seriously help clean the bathrooms. Sydnie has always done well. if you give her a task, she will do it and well, but noah could care less. So this summer whenever they start fighting they have to go clean bathrooms.....well this is something we do every week, but you understand what i am saying. i finally figured out that all noah wants to do is spray.........anything and everything. he could go thru a whole bottle of cleaner if i let him. and he really likes to stand on the counters and clean the mirrors. so yesterday as soon as the fighting started sydnie called downstairs..."mom, is it time to start cleaning the bathrooms?" Do I have them trained or what?