Friday, August 31, 2007

State Fair

Yes....we went to the state fair again this year....i cannot quite decide if i hate going or kind of like it. not really my thing, but the kids have fun so, it is fun to watch them. the kids rode a ton of rides, screamed, laughed and loved them. we are somewhere in between the big rides and kiddie rides. we saw a bunch of people that we knew and at the very end of the day as we were getting ready to leave we heard radio disney rehearsing for their concert that night. It was all high school musical........that is all we watch, hear, sing and dance to at our house right now. We headed to the disney booth and were lucky enough to get handed free reserved seating tickets!!! The only serious problem was a bridal shower we were suppose to attend that evening. but after talking to my husband and having him make the decision (his family event) that i should take the kids no matter what. things like this happen only so often. the concert was great. syd had a blast. she sang. danced. and got a bunch of free stuff. she even got out in the mosh area and started dancing. what time is it? party time!