Thursday, August 09, 2007

What an adventure

What a couple of days we have had around here. Saturday night came home from helping my SIL put together her wedding invitations and started packing to head over to Pacific City with my parents for a couple of days...but had to delay because we all got the flu around here. Seriously nasty throw up kind. I was suppose to leave on sunday after church, but ended up taking off monday, so that we could all recover. The kids had a blast....we stayed in the rv park right across from the beach, in my parents trailer....that was an adventure with three adults, two kids and two dogs and a little rain to blend it all together. The kids swam in the pool, walked on the beach, ate pizza, fed the rabbits (that are all over the trailer park) and played on the sand dune. Good thing my parents were there to play with the kids, because I still did not feel to hot. When we left we headed down to Lincoln City for some Mo's Clam Chowder and a bit more beach play and some shopping. I am so thankful for my parents and how much they love my kids and want to be around them. hopefully they won't end of getting this flu....still don't feel to great today. Good times with family and something the kids will always remember....i am guessing we will be back to do it again.