Sunday, January 28, 2007

a little me time in a sea of sickness

so we are all sick here, so life has come to screaching halt. The kids were not feeling well thursday/friday but were doing okay yesterday, but by last night they were back into the ooogies again and now i am right there with them.

the good news is that i have actually taken the time to read the last two days. I had started another fabulous novel by Jane Kirkpatrick....i seriously love her. Now it has taken me awhile to get into, but by the end of today i will have finished it basically in two days. It is a fictional account of the Big Muddy Ranch in Antelope, Oregon. It's story of generations (sheepherders, rajneeshpuram and Young Life) that have worked and lived in this high desert area of our fair state. The land itself is a beautiful character....seriously have to go there and see it for myself now. I love that this book is about the final destination of the land as a camp for kids in the northwest

Wildhorse Canyon, Young Life

a place of rest, rejuvanation and growth for so many young kids. The threads that tie us all together and the land giving back to us. If you have not read one of her books you should most definately pick one up.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gentlemen Start Your Engines....

today was Awana Grand Prix, a day full of hot cars, speed and lots of yelling. This year both of the kids entered cars again....
Noah's - The Force
Sydnie's - Purrrrrfect
The kids each told thad how they wanted to design their cars..sydnie even drew a picture to show him. This is such a blast for them...they love thinking of different ideas and ways to make their cars cool. It is not about the speed for them, yet. They just want to make cars that are things that they like. This morning was full of excitement as we headed down to the church, they were wishing each other luck and full of hope that their cars would win something. Last year Noah's Larrymobile won first place for design in the open class, so for a full year his sister has been plotting her moves, waiting of her chance to shine. The cars raced okay, they did not make it in the final heats. Sydnie's class was the last to compete so finally at 2:30 she found out that she had one first place for design.....ahhhhh can you hear the thunderous applause. She was so thrilled. That is all she wanted. Good things come to those who wait and plot and plan for twelve months. Seriously though, it is the coolest thing. Noah's friend won first place for design in the open class and Noah was excited for him and super excited for Sydnie. I loved that the kids were cheering each other on and a group of them were chanting names when their friends cars raced....good clean adrenaline.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Create = Thrive

I love this....i love that my 7 year old has such imagination and ingenuity. I love that she is creative, that she gets that art feeds your soul. She has always been in love with creating, getting into a project and feeling the joy that comes with finishing. She is truly amazing to watch as she creates. She has grown from color crayons to playdoh to clay to glitter and now her fascination...the cats cradle. She thrives on the artistic expression. Of course that means in our lifetime we will probably have killed about 1,000 trees. One mother alone could not keep all of her creations....but at least i take pictures of them and journal about her love (wink wink). She came home from Grandma's this last week with this box...simple and pure. Who wouldn't want to buy a bunch of balloon dogs from a seven year old? Maybe I should set up a stand and let her peddle her wares.....or maybe I should secretly take the box about a week from now and throw them all away and let her start all over again (did I just write that...oh well, now you see the true me). We all have this desire to create within us and I am glad that Sydnie lets out her inner creativity and just has fun with it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Upward Basketball Mania

About 3 years ago our church started a program called Upward Basketball... is an amazing program designed to teach children the skills of basketball and the good news of Jesus Christ. Now since it's inception my husband has been very involved (meaning we don't see him for about 3 months out of the year) but last year he was able to coach Sydnie's kindergarten team and this year he moved up with Sydnie to 1-2 grade girls. We have had 3 games so far and about 7 practices.....and the results are getting better. At the beginning I am not sure any of them could shoot very well, run an offense or do anything more on defense than the electric slide. But last night we actually had a basketball game, i mean real shots were taken, the offense Thad taught them started to come together and well defense, needs some work. I love to see the girls faces when they know that they have done what they are suppose to....the look of satisfaction when they pass to a teammate that is open, they stop a shot from being taken or that they stole the ball from the opposing team. I love this opportunity for kids from our area to play on a league that promotes teamwork, upholding sportsmanship and encouragement. So girls....GAME ON

Thursday, January 18, 2007

stop the presses.....

it is now lunch time and i just realized i have not had coffee today....what, i mean what? how did that happen, i always have a coffee. you know what is worse....i had a cup of tea instead. did someone take the real me last night and leave a teatotaler instead? i am not really sure how i feel about this. i guess that means i still will have some creamer left for tomorrow morning. but on the other hand, i will probably be getting the all to real caffeine deprived headache very soon.

this addiction all started about 13 years ago when i worked for the infamous fred meyer corporate office and they built a starbucks cart inside. i started off with just the regular vanilla latte...but quickly graduated to a caramel latte and not just one, but two a day (so I could stay awake during out afternoon meetings). when i went to work for nike we used to go on a starbucks run about 9am every morning, that is when i could afford starbucks everyday(monetarily and physically). but now i am down to maybe once a week starbucks run and every other day is just good old fashion drip with some creamer from my own little coffee shop at home. but i have gotten off the subject..........caffeine withdrawals.

good thing a friend "who shall remain nameless" just dropped off a pepermint mocha to cure the headache that was just setting in.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wild Weather

Okay so I live in oregon and not much really happens here but rain. But this winter has been so crazy: rain, snow, sleet, wind and freezing rain. This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland, but not the snowy, beautiful kind...the icy, traffic stopping kind. I informed my husband of what was happening and he called to find out if the bus was still running up to Wilsonville...sure enough it was, so off he drove.

Thad: I made it on the bus.

Me: so how was driving?

Thad: fine, well I slid a little bit

Me: where?

Thad: when I pulled into the bus stop, because the bus was already there and I was in a hurry.

Me: so you know if the buses stop running today, you are stuck in wilsonville for the night! cuz I am not driving up to get you. (such compassion)

Thad: yeah, I know. alright see ya later. (do you sense the "they are so not going to stop running, stop worrying" attitude)

And they finally canceled my daughters school. we were one of the only hold outs in the valley. Thank goodness I just got a movie in the mail for the kids to watch...that should carry us through a good portion of the morning with no whining or crying. Good luck to me today.

I just opened my window to SNOW!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I was wishing for this all morning....just to pound us with some beautiful white stuff. Maybe it will be a beautiful day after all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Here it is...

So in my Jack Bauer post I told you that I had made my SIL a t-shirt to celebrate her obsession with are the photos. You can see her expression when she opens the box and sees it...seriously so funny. She wore that shirt for about 2 years every tuesday when the show aired. We would call each other and talk about the show. I also bought my brother a shirt that said "jack will be right back". They had a commercial that aired with the ticker counting down and a voice that said "jack will be right back".....super cool at the time.
Watched last night....had the lights off, Thad right by my side, no kids so we could turn the volume up and just enjoy. I do have to say I was a little grossed out by the biting of the arteries....that is the first time I have ever really flinched in this show. Loved last night...cannot wait to see tonight. I do have to say that the whole cleaned up jack, with the shirt buttoned to the top...did they forget the tie or is that standard off to my death attire?
I loved the moral dilemma of detainment camps and the tension that came from those discussions. Is that something that this country would ever do again? I thought it brought a true reality, in that if we were to have attacks on a daily basis, would you look at someone from a different nationality differently? Would you not get on the bus with them or help them because they were your neighbor?
Till tonight..................

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To be fair

the photograhy has been done by the first born as fact for her birthday she got a digital of her own. Wanted to share some her photos from when she was five and discovered the camera....okay first time I let her take it on her own.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Budding Photographer

I took my camera out today to snap some pictures of stuff to sell on Craig's List and next thing I know Noah comes running over to say that he needs to take some photos as well. This is a first in our house, the picture takers are myself and sydnie. He was so excited, he must have snapped 50 shots off, I literally had to pry the camera from his hands. Can you tell what his favorite things are....Playmobil & Star Wars.It looks like he even dragged all of his lightsabers and arranged them to take a shot. I know it is hard to tell on these small pictures, but he has Luke doing battle with Darth, Luke knocked over, then Darth knocked over, watch out annie liebovitz. He did stop to take a photo of mom and the dog, but most of the shots were of toys. Good times here at our house today.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year = Keyword = balance

I opened my inbox this morning to find a new edition of AEzine (newsletter from the fabulous Ali Edwards) and it has been pulling at my mind today. Her challenge was for each of us to pick a keyword for the year and apply it to our lives...different than a resolution, more about defining your life or defining a characteristic that needs work. I think last year was a year of freedom for to laugh, love, live and play with abandon. To not be so stressed, to enjoy life in all its beauty, to create memories, to just be. As I look back over the last year it sure was a chaotic one, filled with some not great stuff, but because of my faith in God I was able to see His hand at work and survive. I became stronger because of it and about half way through I realized that I needed to loosen up a lot and just have a good time with life. It has changed so much for this year my keyword is Balance....
bal·ance noun, verb

a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc; mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc

I want to balance out my life...make the time to do the things I enjoy and be with the people I love. I want to play games with my kids, read a good book, watch a few movies, be involved in ministry, actually do my bible study and spend good quality time with my husband. I want to take walks, ride bikes, go camping, do housework (well not really), work in my kids' school, and still be able to say at the end of the day that I was productive and made a difference in my kids life. I want to be able to say no, a lot more than I do and say yes to some things i have never done before. I want to be impulsive and enjoy life everyday. Yep...balance is a good here is to a new year and a new motto.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new love in my life

So yesterday I was at Fred Meyer and browsing through there clearance stuff and noticed that they had a dyson on clearance and on top of it I got to take an additional 40% off. So I am now the proud owner of an amazing vacuum cleaner and I could not be happier. I took it out of the box today and OMG I just about flipped my lid. I could not believe how much dirt it picked up, I was mortified. Owning a pet is such a joy, but you know how much dirt you don't see, but is I feel like I am attacking it. I seriously love this machine.....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jack Bauer Will Have to Die

HOLY CRAP........I cannot wait for season 6. Can I really wait 12 more days....I think not. Who cares about a clean house, groceries, dinner for the children, Upward Basketball or Lost. Seriously all about Jack. Love this show. I love that they play all 24 episodes back to back, no waiting for weeks to see what happens...just pure instant gratification. I still remember the day my friend debbie called me to tell me to watch this show on fox that was going to repeat the premiere episode...I thought I can do that, I had a newborn to feed at that time...might as well. I have not looked back once. I even got my brother and sis in law addicted...which I think they might still hate me for it. That second season Christmas, my SIL told me she wanted an "I Heart Jack Bauer" shirt to wear on air what did I do, but went out and had one made for her....seriously great video of that present being opened. When others say how can they possibly do one more season, I say bring it on. Although I was a little upset by Tony and President Palmer's deaths last year....I mean Tony would have made a great president. I just need to figure out how to put the ticker on my blog...countdown the minutes until we see Jack kicking in action again. I may have to go on a 24 binge the next two weeks....just to prepare.

Monday, January 01, 2007