Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wild Weather

Okay so I live in oregon and not much really happens here but rain. But this winter has been so crazy: rain, snow, sleet, wind and freezing rain. This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland, but not the snowy, beautiful kind...the icy, traffic stopping kind. I informed my husband of what was happening and he called to find out if the bus was still running up to Wilsonville...sure enough it was, so off he drove.

Thad: I made it on the bus.

Me: so how was driving?

Thad: fine, well I slid a little bit

Me: where?

Thad: when I pulled into the bus stop, because the bus was already there and I was in a hurry.

Me: so you know if the buses stop running today, you are stuck in wilsonville for the night! cuz I am not driving up to get you. (such compassion)

Thad: yeah, I know. alright see ya later. (do you sense the "they are so not going to stop running, stop worrying" attitude)

And they finally canceled my daughters school. we were one of the only hold outs in the valley. Thank goodness I just got a movie in the mail for the kids to watch...that should carry us through a good portion of the morning with no whining or crying. Good luck to me today.

I just opened my window to SNOW!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I was wishing for this all morning....just to pound us with some beautiful white stuff. Maybe it will be a beautiful day after all.


buhtafly said...

have a great snow day!!! hope thad gets home fine tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love snow days! Looks like the kids had fun. We're having fun up here too--the girls went cross-country skiing around the neighborhood last night with me walking alongside. So pretty in the "bright" evening light.