Monday, January 15, 2007

Here it is...

So in my Jack Bauer post I told you that I had made my SIL a t-shirt to celebrate her obsession with are the photos. You can see her expression when she opens the box and sees it...seriously so funny. She wore that shirt for about 2 years every tuesday when the show aired. We would call each other and talk about the show. I also bought my brother a shirt that said "jack will be right back". They had a commercial that aired with the ticker counting down and a voice that said "jack will be right back".....super cool at the time.
Watched last night....had the lights off, Thad right by my side, no kids so we could turn the volume up and just enjoy. I do have to say I was a little grossed out by the biting of the arteries....that is the first time I have ever really flinched in this show. Loved last night...cannot wait to see tonight. I do have to say that the whole cleaned up jack, with the shirt buttoned to the top...did they forget the tie or is that standard off to my death attire?
I loved the moral dilemma of detainment camps and the tension that came from those discussions. Is that something that this country would ever do again? I thought it brought a true reality, in that if we were to have attacks on a daily basis, would you look at someone from a different nationality differently? Would you not get on the bus with them or help them because they were your neighbor?
Till tonight..................