Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Budding Photographer

I took my camera out today to snap some pictures of stuff to sell on Craig's List and next thing I know Noah comes running over to say that he needs to take some photos as well. This is a first in our house, the picture takers are myself and sydnie. He was so excited, he must have snapped 50 shots off, I literally had to pry the camera from his hands. Can you tell what his favorite things are....Playmobil & Star Wars.It looks like he even dragged all of his lightsabers and arranged them to take a shot. I know it is hard to tell on these small pictures, but he has Luke doing battle with Darth, Luke knocked over, then Darth knocked over, watch out annie liebovitz. He did stop to take a photo of mom and the dog, but most of the shots were of toys. Good times here at our house today.