Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Create = Thrive

I love this....i love that my 7 year old has such imagination and ingenuity. I love that she is creative, that she gets that art feeds your soul. She has always been in love with creating, getting into a project and feeling the joy that comes with finishing. She is truly amazing to watch as she creates. She has grown from color crayons to playdoh to clay to glitter and now her fascination...the cats cradle. She thrives on the artistic expression. Of course that means in our lifetime we will probably have killed about 1,000 trees. One mother alone could not keep all of her creations....but at least i take pictures of them and journal about her love (wink wink). She came home from Grandma's this last week with this box...simple and pure. Who wouldn't want to buy a bunch of balloon dogs from a seven year old? Maybe I should set up a stand and let her peddle her wares.....or maybe I should secretly take the box about a week from now and throw them all away and let her start all over again (did I just write that...oh well, now you see the true me). We all have this desire to create within us and I am glad that Sydnie lets out her inner creativity and just has fun with it.