Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Inspirational Story

Like my mom before me, I am a abc news watcher. I like to watch Good Morning America and when I can catch the news I watch the ABC evening news. So last year when the news surfaced that news anchor Bob Woodruff had suffered a critical injury while reporting in Iraq...I held my breath and waited for news on his condition. Every once in a while you see an update, but tonight we get to see a documentary about his road to recovery from a serious brain injury. http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/WoodruffReports/?CMP=google&partner=google&gclid=CMj_qrHyzooCFQEBYQodoVpbdg

if you watch one thing this year it should be about his road to recovery and his efforts to help bring awareness to this type of injury suffered by so many of our soldiers.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The end of Upward

so this is it, we are done...it has been a great year. Sydnie has learned so much and had such a blast. It has been fun watching her go from playing tag on the court to defending her person, doing a bounce pass and stealing the ball. She has grown in confidence. It has been really good for her to complete a task and see that she can improve with practice and determination. Two weeks ago Thad gave the girls these super cute pink wristbands for them to wear during the game. They literally screamed, very loudly. They had a bit of a hard time concentrating on what they were suppose to do that night, but they looked so cute out there. A perfect photo opp.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The truth about Smartmouth

Finally back to reality. It has been a month of choas and basketball...seriously how do people run kids around to three different sports and still manage life. Actually it has been kind of nice not running to my computer and thinking of stuff to say. Bu there I am again to impart another great family story.

So the other night thad and I sat down to play a new game with the kids...Smartmouth. We divided up into teams syd/dad...noah/me to play this spelling game. You are given two letters that signify the beginning and ending of the word that needs to be spelled and you think of as many as you can. I realized about half way through noah did not have a chance to win....it was hard to think under pressure and have a really cool word. Sydnie did great, she slammed about a bunch of words and of course thad came up with some really creative ones as well. It was late in the game and the next two letters to come up are P,P. Sydnie immediately yells out POP. I being the swanky mom that I am, turn to noah and whisper in his ear to yell POOP and noah being the boy that he is yells with all his might "POOOOOPPPPP!!!!! Needless to say we won that round...good stuff.