Saturday, January 20, 2007

Upward Basketball Mania

About 3 years ago our church started a program called Upward Basketball... is an amazing program designed to teach children the skills of basketball and the good news of Jesus Christ. Now since it's inception my husband has been very involved (meaning we don't see him for about 3 months out of the year) but last year he was able to coach Sydnie's kindergarten team and this year he moved up with Sydnie to 1-2 grade girls. We have had 3 games so far and about 7 practices.....and the results are getting better. At the beginning I am not sure any of them could shoot very well, run an offense or do anything more on defense than the electric slide. But last night we actually had a basketball game, i mean real shots were taken, the offense Thad taught them started to come together and well defense, needs some work. I love to see the girls faces when they know that they have done what they are suppose to....the look of satisfaction when they pass to a teammate that is open, they stop a shot from being taken or that they stole the ball from the opposing team. I love this opportunity for kids from our area to play on a league that promotes teamwork, upholding sportsmanship and encouragement. So girls....GAME ON