Sunday, January 28, 2007

a little me time in a sea of sickness

so we are all sick here, so life has come to screaching halt. The kids were not feeling well thursday/friday but were doing okay yesterday, but by last night they were back into the ooogies again and now i am right there with them.

the good news is that i have actually taken the time to read the last two days. I had started another fabulous novel by Jane Kirkpatrick....i seriously love her. Now it has taken me awhile to get into, but by the end of today i will have finished it basically in two days. It is a fictional account of the Big Muddy Ranch in Antelope, Oregon. It's story of generations (sheepherders, rajneeshpuram and Young Life) that have worked and lived in this high desert area of our fair state. The land itself is a beautiful character....seriously have to go there and see it for myself now. I love that this book is about the final destination of the land as a camp for kids in the northwest

Wildhorse Canyon, Young Life

a place of rest, rejuvanation and growth for so many young kids. The threads that tie us all together and the land giving back to us. If you have not read one of her books you should most definately pick one up.


Leslie said...

Are you guys feeling better?
I love all of Jane Kirkpatrick's books too. The third novella in this book is my favorite out of all of her writing.