Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gentlemen Start Your Engines....

today was Awana Grand Prix, a day full of hot cars, speed and lots of yelling. This year both of the kids entered cars again....
Noah's - The Force
Sydnie's - Purrrrrfect
The kids each told thad how they wanted to design their cars..sydnie even drew a picture to show him. This is such a blast for them...they love thinking of different ideas and ways to make their cars cool. It is not about the speed for them, yet. They just want to make cars that are things that they like. This morning was full of excitement as we headed down to the church, they were wishing each other luck and full of hope that their cars would win something. Last year Noah's Larrymobile won first place for design in the open class, so for a full year his sister has been plotting her moves, waiting of her chance to shine. The cars raced okay, they did not make it in the final heats. Sydnie's class was the last to compete so finally at 2:30 she found out that she had one first place for design.....ahhhhh can you hear the thunderous applause. She was so thrilled. That is all she wanted. Good things come to those who wait and plot and plan for twelve months. Seriously though, it is the coolest thing. Noah's friend won first place for design in the open class and Noah was excited for him and super excited for Sydnie. I loved that the kids were cheering each other on and a group of them were chanting names when their friends cars raced....good clean adrenaline.