Thursday, January 18, 2007

stop the presses.....

it is now lunch time and i just realized i have not had coffee today....what, i mean what? how did that happen, i always have a coffee. you know what is worse....i had a cup of tea instead. did someone take the real me last night and leave a teatotaler instead? i am not really sure how i feel about this. i guess that means i still will have some creamer left for tomorrow morning. but on the other hand, i will probably be getting the all to real caffeine deprived headache very soon.

this addiction all started about 13 years ago when i worked for the infamous fred meyer corporate office and they built a starbucks cart inside. i started off with just the regular vanilla latte...but quickly graduated to a caramel latte and not just one, but two a day (so I could stay awake during out afternoon meetings). when i went to work for nike we used to go on a starbucks run about 9am every morning, that is when i could afford starbucks everyday(monetarily and physically). but now i am down to maybe once a week starbucks run and every other day is just good old fashion drip with some creamer from my own little coffee shop at home. but i have gotten off the subject..........caffeine withdrawals.

good thing a friend "who shall remain nameless" just dropped off a pepermint mocha to cure the headache that was just setting in.