Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jack Bauer Will Have to Die

HOLY CRAP........I cannot wait for season 6. Can I really wait 12 more days....I think not. Who cares about a clean house, groceries, dinner for the children, Upward Basketball or Lost. Seriously all about Jack. Love this show. I love that they play all 24 episodes back to back, no waiting for weeks to see what happens...just pure instant gratification. I still remember the day my friend debbie called me to tell me to watch this show on fox that was going to repeat the premiere episode...I thought I can do that, I had a newborn to feed at that time...might as well. I have not looked back once. I even got my brother and sis in law addicted...which I think they might still hate me for it. That second season Christmas, my SIL told me she wanted an "I Heart Jack Bauer" shirt to wear on air night....so what did I do, but went out and had one made for her....seriously great video of that present being opened. When others say how can they possibly do one more season, I say bring it on. Although I was a little upset by Tony and President Palmer's deaths last year....I mean Tony would have made a great president. I just need to figure out how to put the ticker on my blog...countdown the minutes until we see Jack kicking in action again. I may have to go on a 24 binge the next two weeks....just to prepare.