Friday, August 31, 2007


god's beautiful creation

happy magoo and cranky mcstanky

love this shot of my dad...this is his lake

who told him he could grow up

the mini syd....they are hysterical together

a little suprise visitor jumped on us to get in on the action

look at the cute little grans and the older versions
we had a blast at crescent lake this year. lots of good food. standing around our french presses and drinking coffee. lots of swimming. lots of rafting. lots of good memories. this year the kids got along so good. noah loved having ryen there and she loved him too, as long as he did not come near her stuff. (we heard a lot of no noah's). Syd loved playing with ryen and sharing her puppies with her. we had a great football game down at the beach, syd has a good arm on her. my dad almost broke my ankle with a shove from behind and he and i had a great time blocking each other. sydnie scored a touchdown for her team and did a little dance. we heard lots of great stories from dad about this lake.....will have to post those sometime. i love this lake and these people.