Thursday, March 29, 2007


i love watching my son become a boy. he is maturing and growing and losing his little boy look so quickly. everytime i see that new smile, i cannot believe that he looks so big now. when i look at him a year ago or even 6 months ago...the change is visible. he loves school, he is excited about tball, cannot wait to start reading, he is leaving behind his little boy whining. he is all boy...never looks where he is going, spills every drink we give him, wipes his hands all over his clothes to clean them, plays swords and lightsabers all day long and loves the computer and video games. but he still loves the color orange. so much so that when we were at tillamook cheese factory he "had" to have the orange sherbert ice cream....just because it was orange. i love the left overs all over his face. I am so thankful that God gave this little boy to me, to teach, to love and to watch him transition from boy to man. i love you little man.