Friday, May 15, 2009

Iris Fest 3000

ready to run

almost there....

the finish line is in sight!

this year the iris festival decided to add a kids running event to the schedule and at the last minute sydnie decided that she wanted to run in it! we had no idea how long the course was, we were not registered and we had no idea if she could still do it.........but we set off to find out. we arrived just in the nick of time and tehy told ehr she could run, but she would not have a number! that did not stop syd. she was a little apprehensive because she did not "know" the plan, but i assured her that there would be police and volunteers along the way to help her. she stepped up to the starting line and they were off. then i had a moment to think, "what if she totally broke down along the way and could not finish!!!" after the first 10 minutes the first kid arrived, i sent thad down along the course to see if he could find her and run in with her. i was starting to get a little worried, i won't lie, i thought she was not going to make it. but next thing i know she is there in front of me with a huge smile on her face, water bottle in hand, finishing her first one mile race!!!! she said it was "awesome" and she "could not wait to do it next year". she had run and walk and made friends with a girl along the way and they had done it together!!! i was so proud of her i could barely see straight. it was super cool to watch her do it and love it and be excited about it. way to go syd!!!!