Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pacific City

you are my sunshine

search and destroy mission

sand dune adventures

noah buried himself, with a little help from mom

he just did not want his toes buried :)

the little mermaid

searching in the tide pools

on sunday after church we decided to pack up and head to pacific city for the day! it was a beautiful day and we had absolutely no plans or time issues. i did not realize that thad had not been there for a very long time, so for him it was like seeing it for the first time again. we set up camp next to the dune, of course, my kids would have it no other way. they each went up the dune several times, noah enjoyed rolling in the sand while sydnie was bound and determined to make it to the top. it was a little chilly, but overall a fabulous day to sit in the sand and listen to the waves. good memories for our family together~