Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"let's eat!!!"

tonight was noah's first grade concert and boy was it fun! they sang songs all about food. throw in a little hand movements, instruments and the macarena and you have quite a show! noah is a typical boy when he sings, sometimes he is completely into it and sometimes he is just sort of standing there. his favorite song is different everytime you ask him..........."icky, icky lollipop"........"worms"........"cookie as big as my head".............."guacomole" were just a few that stuck out. on friday all of the first graders are having an eating party, where they will get to sample all of the delicious foods they sang about, except the worms will just be gummy worms for these first graders(were not playing survivor here) we really do have a great music teacher and are blessed that our kids have done many performances at our school.