Monday, May 04, 2009


so today i totally broke down and used my birthday money to go buy a point and shoot camera....just to take to disneyworld with us. okay, that is not really true but i still bought one right before our trip so that i could take it. i have been thinking about this for awhile. i really like the smallness and ease that a point and shoot has to offer. i know that the pix will not be the same as if i had shot them with my slr, but sometimes convenience wins out. so we will see how i like it. i have 90 days to return it! the funny thing is, is that really while we are at the most magical place on earth i probably won't really even have time to take pictures! we really only have about 1 days worth of running through the park and taking in all the sights. i am sure that stopping and taking pictures will be the last thing on my mind. of course i am still lugging my slr across the country so that i can snap pix of this amazing island that we are going to. can't have just any old point and shoot for that! so i guess it truly was an impulse buy.............