Friday, May 08, 2009


dolphins have always held my fascination. the beautiful, gentle creatures who glide through the water, jump with adandon and play in the waters of the ocean. so needless to say i was thrilled when we found some out on the shelling tour. our first two we found were a mommy and baby pair that we close to shore, but that i could not get a really good picture of. then we found a couple in the waterways of the islands. but when we were safely aboard our boat headed back to marco island, we found a whole group of them playing in the waters of the gulf. most of the people were fascinated, but another gal and i both had our nikon cameras at the ready and were happily snapping away. as i am sure you can guess they are hard creatures to snap a good shot of. i got a lot fins, but as this pod of four dolphins were making there way to our boat, they decided to peak their heads out for one moment and i was able to get this amazing shot. thank you my little friend. you made my day!