Thursday, May 07, 2009

shelling tour

Cape Ramono - our destination on the tour
no words can describe how amazing and beautiful it was

the abandoned house - it was amazing to see

i could live there if the house was not in the water :)

i loved the colors on this net

our "new" house

my man

love the blue/greens with that splash of orange!

sea shells stuck in a sand ridge -
the shells were everywhere on this tiny island

a smaller island along the way

this sign just reminded me of a pirate for some reason

these markers were throughout the islands
and they usually had birds on them

The shelling tour was the group activity on thursday and we had a blast! We all boarded the boat and of course they had some great music playing and lots of drinks and thank goodness, some shade! there is no better feeling than being on the water, in a boat, riding through the waves and feeling the sunshine on your face. they toured us through some of the 10,000 islands, found some dolphins and then we landed on ramono point. i literally cannot describe how beautiful it was. we found some pretty amazing shells, they had these mica disks in all colors and we even found a beat up conch shell. but the item that held all of our attention was the house. apparently there used to be two houses, one now rests in the ocean and the second is abandoned. a hurricane blew away a bunch of plants and bushes which caused erosion and because of that this house that once sat up off the beach is now in the water. the amazing thing was it was full of shells, waist deep! as we walked back to our boat, i stopped at stood at the very tip of the toes in the warm water, the breeze on my face and the blue/green ocean as far as the eye could see. God designed this spot on earth for me to sit and ponder and remember and know that He is God. that will forever be my spot. i will go there in my mind when the times are tough, when i need encouragement, when i feel down and remember what it felt like to stand there.


Bree said...

these shots are great! I love the colors too! your spot sounds wonderful!