Friday, May 29, 2009

benadryl + melatonin cocktails!

so here is the deal...i have blogged before about my sons sleep issues. serious nightmares, waking up at all hours of the night, sleepwalking! but over the course of the last month we have been dealing with not being able to go to sleep until 2:30am!!! there has been a severe lack of sleep around here for both mommy and noah! last thursday we hit our last hurrah with the lack of sleep and i was bound determined to do something about it! i had heard several moms talking about melatonin, a natural chemical our body produces that helps us fall asleep, but can be lacking in some people and therefore their little ones were having a hard time sleeping. i stored the info in my head and finally pulled it out last week! noah had stayed up until 3:30am on wednesday night, we went to school and he walked around like a zombie that day! he could not function, learn, eat, walk, keep his eyes i ended up taking him home early that day. we started the cocktail that night. i spoke to the nurse who comes to our school everyday and asked her advice...she told me to give him benedryl at the same time for about 2 weeks so that the build up of melatonin can take effect.

the results have been nothing short of a miracle. he is noah again. he is not as whiney, crying or cantankerous!!! he is a typical boy again. it has been a Godsend!!! we have had two times where he has fought it, but still gotten to sleep by 10pm! if i look back i guess that what i thought was a little boy fighting going to know the routine (i need water, i need to go to the bathroom) and then his crying after an hour of being asleep, that is probably all wrapped up in this little chemical! so thank you for the pink chemical induced has been fun mixing up that cocktail every night!