Thursday, May 28, 2009

its all about the details

while we were at the beach last weekend noah was so excited to build a sandcastle with his daddy. this is like his ultimate adventure on the beach. he loves to build! so they worked for a good 45 minutes on this castle, complete with moat and bridge. but unfortunately when thad stepped away for a minute noah rushed in to add one more stack to the center of the castle and it ended up falling apart. suprisingly he was not upset by it at all, in fact he was so pumped about his little castle he proudly exclaimed to me: "hey, mom....look i am adding some detail to make it look old by taking the dry sand and putting it on top of the wet sand to make it look aged!"

seriously....i just about died. what 7 year old boy knows that!!! i think he pays attention to everything that i say, whether i know he is listening or not. he hears it and absorbs it and stores that knowledge for later. he is a very creative soul at heart. he loves to create and is very proud of his creations. he looks for those details that no one else will see and adds them just because they make him happy. someday that eye for detail will serve him well.


Teresa said...

That is AWESOME! the details make all the difference in the world! :)