Saturday, May 09, 2009

our last morning

chickie huts....i have a serious love for them

a calm morning on the gulf

our hotel bathed in the glowing morning sun

these birds in flight make me calm and peaceful

chick, chickie huts.....i will miss you

i think someone slept on these the night before

goodbye my darlings....until next time i
sit beneath your sheltering umbrellas

our favorite restauraunt

the mermaid of marco island

beautiful flowers and colors in this tropical paradise

i think these were my favorite flower/plant
they were everywhere and so beautiful

our last morning on marco island was very bittersweet and sad. we woke up fairly early, 6am, so that we could pack up and take one last walk on the beautiful white sand beaches before we headed to orlando and the happiest place on earth. i will be honest and say that i could have cared less about the magic kingdom at that point. my soul longed to stay on the beach, to rest in the warm waters of the gulf. i truly had a hard time leaving. i did not want to go. i wanted to stay one more night, soaking in the presence of this place. instead i walked slowly along the shore, breathing in the warm, moist salty air. trying to store the memories. trying to hold each moment tight. i am fairly certain that i left part of myself there, but part of that beach will always be with me..............