Saturday, May 09, 2009


the happiest place on earth!!!

walt and mickey

does he look happy???

we were so excited for the indy ride....they don't have it

what would the park be without Cap'n Jack

and Cinderella

on top of thunder mountain railroad
all smiles and fast tracks
we had a good time
and didn't lose our hats!
(sing to on top of spaghetti)

this castle is bigger than disneyland

thad's score on the buzz lightyear ride

my score on buzz lightyear!!!!

thad and i taking on the evil emporer Zurg
took a pix of their pix that you could buy

could not resist taking a shot of this one

during the parade

Wishes fireworks

the castle at closing time...shadow in the pond

we left marco island around 7:30 am, after a starbucks stop and headed to orlando for the remainder of our stay in florida. we arrived at our hotel, checked in and went straight to the park. before we left we had asked several people which park to visit and finally decided on magic kingdom so that we could ride our favorite rides and just stroll through the park. we did not realize that some of our favorites from disneyland were not in that park and that space mountain was closed!rour short time at the magic kingdom was fairly relaxed and super hot and muggy. the temperature reached a high of 95 degrees that day. i finally broke down and bought a visor because no amount of sunscreen was going to stop my forehead from burning. we started in adventureland and found out they did not have indiana jones there, so we moved on to frontierland, where we were very thankful for splash mountain! we got front row seats for that one and were very, very wet when we got off the ride!! thank goodness!!! suprisingly the lines were not that bad. the longest wait time we found was 45 minutes for the buzz lightyear ride!! we walked on to almost every ride or only waited about 30 minutes. we used a couple of fast passes on our favorites. one of the reasons we chose magic kingdom was because in all of our visits to disneyland, we never watched the fireworks or the nighttime parade! so we made sure we had front row seats for that. it was absolutely amazing. it was probably one of the best fireworks displays i have ever seen. it is probably because as they light them off they play music and scenes from your favorite disney movies! it was truly worth going that day.