Saturday, May 02, 2009

shopping frenzy

i have to say that as i prepare for this trip that thad and i are taking on tuesday, i feel like i have gone a little crazy with the whole.............gotta have the right outfit for all occasions. and to make matters worse, i feel like my spring wardrobe for work is severely lacking as well. which has made the shopping bug even crazier.

i started off telling myself that i could manage with what i had in my closet with a few exceptions...i needed some sort of dress for a nice dinner. i found the perfect little black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on where we were going. but what i did not have was the perfect jewelry. now i am kind of a minimalist when it comes to the bling and i hate to spend a lot of money on jewelry. so my dear friend decided to help me out and we found the perfect necklace and bracelet to go with. i should be set right?????

of course not!!! when julanne and i went to portland last weekend we spent the better part of 3 hours in macy's, our arms laden with one new piece of fantastic clothes after the other. we both tried on things that would not normally fall into our "style" and i know that we put back more than we bought. i found another perfect little resort dress to wear on our casual dinner nights, one of which is a sunset ceremony on the beach (think luau). i found several cute work outfits, but once i got home and dug through my tanks, i realized that frankly i was lacking there too. so more shopping, i know it is a disease! but i cannot stop myself.

now for the real reason i started this post. a couple of years ago when thad won this trip and they sent us to scottsdale, az. i felt like a total stay at home mom. especially when they took us out to morton's steak house. i remember telling myself that i was definately the old navy clothing person at our table. it obviously stuck with me! i did not want to feel that way this time. i wanted to dress a little nicer and feel a little better about myself.

let me say this. that you cannot judge a person by what they wear and i should feel good no matter what i am wearing, but for those days we were away.......i wanted to not feel like a stay at home mom! so this time i am going with a suitcase loaded with brand new clothes and shoes and new swimsuits. i know that this time, i will feel a lot better about what i am wearing.