Saturday, May 30, 2009


those of you who really know me, know that i cannot stand ants. i swear we live on a giant ant hill and they have literally been all over our house at one point or another. last year it was our kitchen, which completely grossed me out! so far this year we have kept them out of the house for the most part, but this morning i went out to go to costco and discovered for the fourth time this week a huge pile of ants in front ofo ur garage. they were scurrying and there was hundreds of them. it was so disgusting!!! so i thought i would share my dismay with you...all of my friends. i am sure that you cringe at the sight of these little nasty beasts too!!! bloody beasts of terror!!! (that was sydnie's input)


Bree said...

those aren't ants- they look like chocolate sprinkles ;) hehe

I am convinced they are taking over the earth. LOL