Monday, March 03, 2008

Things I Miss

4 year old princess

noah was obsessed with phones and look their is bear

The other night we were driving home from our nephews basketball game and i hear this little yawn from the back of the car and my heart melted. When I turned around to ask if he was sleepy, he replied with his eyes half closed...."not really mom" Within a minute he was out, his head bobbing around until he was completely gone. I know that their baby years are gone and soon they will be grown and I will long for those little things that children do.

I miss noah sucking his two fingers
I miss cute little bottoms in diapers
I miss bottles being drug around in mouths
I miss those belly laughs when they are babies
I miss playdoh and crayons
I miss holding a sleeping baby
I miss when they get an owie...holding up their finger for you to kiss
I miss noahs bear
I miss everything princess
I miss cheerios being the ultimate food
I miss trying to figure out what they are saying
I miss the little head bobs of slumber in the car

It is true that while you are in the midst of the little years you do not always appreciate them...but now that you look back and they are suddenly gone you long for them. I guess that is why God made me an auntie!!