Thursday, March 27, 2008

80's Revisted

Three of my alltime favorite movies

Last weekend I sat down and watched footloose..............ahhhh the memories. I knew every song, every dance move, all the lines.....and it has been years since I have watched it.

It was 1984 and I was graduating 8th grade. I lived in a small town where there was one movie theater and that summer I am pretty sure that every 8th grader came down to that one theater on the same night and we rocked the house....1984 style. At the end of the movie I remember that we were all dancing in the aisles and I am pretty sure a couple kids got on stage and we all imitated all the dance moves. I remember it was the like the coolest thing I had ever done up until that point. That was a rad movie. It had awesome music and dancing. Everybody liked this movie. I think I wore a hole in my tape that summer, listening to it over and over.

Don't you long for the days when you kicked out your feet, bobbed your head in time to the music and swung your arms side to side. Here is the best part of the whole evening. While i was watching Kevin run around the grain mill dancing his little heart out and throwing in some gymnastics to boot.........the only thing I could think was "that looks like troys dance in hsm2"

So it really does come back around. What was popular then, can be popular again. How fitting that the kid that plays troy is starring in a remake of footloose! My poor husband, he had only seen the movie once and could not understand the nostalgia that I was feeling. I told him that now we needed to rent top gun, 16 candles, breakfast club, pretty in pink, say anything.......he just shook his head. Guess what is in my mailbox from netflix right now!!!! I think I feel an 80's moviefest coming on.