Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seeing Double

Enter this post about webkinz at your own might have to go buy one or two!

alley cats



and huskies

As you have all read, we have a serious webkinz addiction over here. My DD has 14 webkinz and my DS has 9, I have 2. But did you know that we recently had a photoshoot, camera and shots provided by my DD. One day I heard the kids running to and from the playroom and heard lots of giggles and whispers as they worked together to create a webkinz world. They had set up shop and taken photos of all their webkinz. literally they set up a shop. complete with signs and a general store for their webkinz to buy stuff. so cute! my dd posed all the animals and took the shots herself on her camera....i think she took 100 shots that day! good thing i don't have to print them all. My dd has been bugging me for a week to post this on my blog, so here it is! enjoy!


Teresa said...

That is so cute!!! I really love the cute little Huskies! :)

millertimeab said...

oh my goodness my kids do that too, last oount we were up to 60 yes 60 (blush) webkinz! And they love to do "photoshoots" with them.