Friday, March 28, 2008

Is it spring?

It is snowing outside right is march 28th! I seriously cannot believe it. It normally just rains on spring break...but snow! My DH and DS are heading up to a cabin this weekend for a father/son trip with a bunch of guys from church. I am scrambling trying to find something warm for noah to wear. And as of this morning, my DH was actually just going to tent camp with our 6 year old son. His qoute "I have camped in below freezing temperatures is not that big of a deal." UUUUMMMMM...have you taken a six year old out in those temps? NO! Now they are going to be in one of the cabins and hopefully get some snow time in, as well as some hiking! Me on the other hand.........I am going to enjoy some girl time with my daughter. A little Enchanted, dinner and who knows what else.