Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guy Time

As I was wrapping up my evening last night, laying in bed watching a show.........the phone rang.....10:45pm. My first thought was that the guys had for some reason got stuck somewhere or it was a wrong number.

When I answered I heard the sweet voice of noah......."hi mom. I am going to bed now, I just wanted to tell you goodnight" Guess what? We just went snake hunting in the dark, we caught one too, but it got out the other end of the bag. It was so cool." I am gonna sleep on the top bunk with chase tonight, because we are super tired right. When I get home I think I am going to need to rest, because I am already tired. But in the morning if we wake up and there is snow, we are going to have a huge snowball fight! bye mom, love you."

How sweet. I found out when thad got on the line that they had went snipe hunting! ahhh the memories. so much fun. i am so thankful that they boys get to have this time together! they really needed some boy bonding.

I was starting to feel bad that they were all going to be so cold, but then i found out that our friend brought his xbox, guitar hero and a projector!!! Hello, that is not camping. Talk about your guy i wonder if they brought lighters and a couple cans of chili....ha ha.