Friday, March 07, 2008

The Greatest and The Heater

Last year at this time we forcibly signed our son up for tball, meaning he was screaming and crying while daddy walked out the door. The season went by and of course he ended up loving it (well that is relative, but he did not hate it).

This year, since about september, he constantly asks me when is it going to be baseball time again? So we got the call the other night that he is once again on the Yankees team. He was so excited!

But here is the part that I love. I cannot get that kid to practice his catching, throwing or batting. Last weekend we played a little, but he has such a long ways to go. He really is a video type of kid, not an outdoor sports guy. But he is loving all things to do with baseball and one of his favorite movies is "The Sandlot" as you can tell from this conversation that took place......

n: "mom....i am gonna show you my heater!"
m: "your heater?"
n: "my heater"
n: "is babe ruth still alive? because he was the greatest baseball player ever. the king of swing, the sultan of swat"
m: "no, he is not alive and he was one of the greats."
n: "i am gonna be great like him"
m: "well, we better practice a lot more."
n: "can i play a computer game now?"

So much for the greatest ball player that ever lived!