Friday, March 21, 2008


Check out what this little one is doing! When she heard that i was going to be taking a knitting class she was so excited, because she has knitting at school! She went last year a lot, but it was pretty hard for her to do it. This year she had not shown interest at all, until I brought home my scarf kit. She talked her two little friends into going to knitting at school and then we went out and bought her some needles and a skein of yarn. She knitted a scarf for her webkinz in one weekend!!! WOW. We only had to tear it out once, when she had 18 stitches, instead of 10. She was so excited to show her knitting teacher and because she did such a good job, she gets to bring home her school project and work on it. She has slowed down a little since I am done with my scarf, she likes to sit next to me and we both knit together. Guess that means I will have to go buy some more yarn for me!