Saturday, March 15, 2008

Secret Rockers

Last night I hosted a Pampered Chef party at my house and I invited a bunch of women. You know how parties are, you never know how many are coming....I had 18 women show up. HOLY CRAP. People had to sit on the ground while they were ordering. ha ha. The party was great, although I was to busy answering the door and talking to individual guests. When I sent out the email and talked to different people I let them know that I was going to break out Guitar Hero for us to rock a little. I think more people came for the rock then the food.

I had worked hard all week to unlock new levels for the women to play on and my daughter had been practicing her "when we were young" so she could impress her teacher and friends. I think 8 women played and a couple were closet rockers...they instantly got the whole idea. It was a blast. Of course when they started egging me on to get my rock on, I messed up. My brother can literally just walk around, turn around, be completely bored and still hit all his notes....not me, not yet! I am not allowed to play it around my children unless it is in training mode.

The best part was when I pulled out the guitar, my 2 year old niece ran up, grabbed the guitar and started rockin' out. I think she plays with her dad a lot. ha ha. it was priceless.

Gotta love a bunch of suburban moms........rockin out and eating brownies. That is some good stuff.