Sunday, March 02, 2008

how to eat a potato chip

brought to you by a six year old boy

The first step on this journey is to beg and beg and beg your mom to serve you chips with your lunch. After a successful negotion, you next run to the counter, climb up and retrieve favorite chips from their holding place. Then the the bag, sniff the cool ranch flavor that delights your senses and makes your mouth want to eat them right then and their. But you are patient little one and proceed to jump of the counter, falling to the ground, with the bag of chips held victorously in the air (not spilling one). Next your run to your plate, your pb&j is their waiting patiently for its long lost companion. You put a pile on your plate, looking around to see if you can pile em high or just start with this for now. Then you leave the open bag right next to your plate so that while you are eating, you can enjoy the pleasure of looking in the bag to see more chips waiting their for you. Ignoring the perfectly made pb&j you dig into your chips...not being a total pig you choose only one to start your feast. You place said chip in your mouth and crunch! Your world crashes in around you as all you can see, hear, taste, touch and think about is the chip. Now here is the important part. You take your initial bite, chew, then slowly begin to shove the rest of the chip into your mouth using both hands, crunching as you go. Like we said this is sofisticated chip eating. None of that four chips at once thing. You grin victoriously and immediately grab a new chip and begin the process again.
Now that is how you eat a chip!